Tripod Grasp

Writing with a Tripod Grasp

In kindergarten we are working hard on holding our pencils with three fingers (using a tripod pencil grasp), forming the letters and numerals correctly, using capital and lower case letters at the appropriate times, and keeping our letters and numerals turned in the right direction.

You can help us by “noticing” and praising the properly formed letters in your child’s homework, encouraging your child to hold his/her pencils and crayons correctly at all times, and having your child turn backwards letters and numerals around for you.

To help your child use a mature “tripod” pencil grasp, please remind him/her to follow these steps:

1. Place your pencil on the table near your writing hand with the point facing you.
2. Tuck your third, fourth, and fifth fingers into your palm.                    
3. With thumb and forefinger, pick up the pencil at the spot where the colored paint stops near the tip.
4. Flip the pencil back with your third finger, and keep your third finger under the pencil.

Your child should now have the pencil held in a tripod grasp.  If extra help is needed to maintain the correct hand formation, please have your child hold a tissue or paper towel that is rolled into a ball in his/her palm while writing.

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